Until The Last Breath Movie Synopsis

Until The Last Breath Movie is a drama that presents life in all of its aspects. Sammy is a good and honest man facing great danger from all angles. To escape imminent danger; he will have to leave behind his beautiful family and the plush lifestyle he cherishes.

On his Journey, he will face all kinds of unforseen obstacles and circumstances–which the average person would not want to even dream of encountering. Treason, bankruptcy, despair, fear, physical ailments, emotional suffering, discouragement and all the traumas that drama can bring.

His Journey’s purpose? Self Discovery, spirituality, true love and real friendships through it all, with the possibility of gaining more to life than ever before.

Will he escape his perils–by having enough courage and perseverance to cause the treacherous plans of his opponents to fail at every attempt? Well, you’ll have to watch the film and witness the power of hope for your self.

UNTIL THE LAST BREATH is a story of courage and hope that will highlight the beauty of our eclectic sub-cultures in Haiti. The various struggles and traumas that our fellow brothers & sisters in the diaspora have to encounter to remain close to their roots.

A film by Mora Junior Etienne, with a cast full of well-known, talented Haitian Actors Paul Henry Athis, Nadege Telfort, Anne Joseph, Joyce Fuerza, Smoye Noisy, Nayeli Fanfan, Stanley Matteus, Saskya Belizaire “Saskya Sky”, Ricardo Lefevre, Yolande Chouloute, Sandra Gaspard, Regine Aristilde, Mora Junior Etienne, Emmanuel Banks, Huberman Saintil and many more…

UNTIL THE LAST BREATH is written and directed by the renown Producer, Writer, Actor Mora Etienne Junior; A successful filmaker with a resume that includes cult classic films like “Profonds Regrets”, “Choc Terrible”, “Le Choix de ma Vie” and “Le Prix a Payer”.

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